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                                                                                                                About Old Town Ukes  Old Town Ukes started early in 2015 and quickly had to move to a bigger venue.   The Club is inclusive, fun and relaxed: everyone has the chance to play and sing (if you want),      while learning new skills and new songs. Learning and improving with the uke is faster and      more enjoyable in a supportive group, with others ready to help out with more challenging chords.   Members choose what’s played, and everyone is encouraged to bring material along to try out.     A small charge is made to defray running costs. 
A ukulele!  ‘Starter’ ukes are very inexpensive, and the Links page lists some helpful retailers. Some familiarity with the most common chords (see Chord Chart); A music stand (not obligatory, but really useful), as is: A uke tuner (a ‘real’ one, or a phone app such as PitchLab); Turn up!  There’s no requirement to come along to every session.   A sense of humour and willingness to ‘have a go’; because after all....  
To play with us, it helps to have: